LionGuard Capital Management set to accelerate growth through new partnership with Walter Global Asset Management

In a new partnership announced today, Walter Global Asset Management (Walter) becomes a minority shareholder in LionGuard Capital Management (LionGuard), an asset management firm that specializes in fundamental research on small and medium capitalization companies.

This is Walter’s first investment since forming in late 2018, and its new commitment includes direct allocations toward LionGuard-managed funds via parent company Walter Financial. Through this partnership, LionGuard is poised for growth and will expand its teams across research, operations, and client-servicing divisions.

“Partnering with Walter Global Asset Management and, in particular, Sylvain Brosseau, who brings an outstanding reputation in the industry, enables us to rapidly grow LionGuard, bringing us closer to the goal of building an internationally known investment management firm that is focused on fundamental research,” said Andrey Omelchak, President, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, LionGuard Capital Management. “As we evolve, we are fortunate to have had the ongoing trust and support of the Québec Emerging Managers Program for the last several years. We appreciate the confidence that Walter has shown in our organization, team members and institutional quality fundamental research capabilities. We are thrilled to work closely with Sylvain Brosseau and believe that Walter is the best strategic partner we could ask for.”

Walter takes a unique long-term vision for investments, positioning it well to provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that LionGuard grows at the right trajectory. “It’s a privilege for us to collaborate with Andrey and his team at LionGuard, who have capably built an exceptional and highly reputed organization,” said Sylvain Brosseau, President and CEO, Walter Global Asset Management. “LionGuard’s accomplishments so far speak for themselves and working together with Walter will help it achieve its tremendous potential in the years to come.”

About Walter Global Asset Management

Launched in 2018, Walter Global Asset Management is a North American private equity platform that provides development capital and expertise to innovative, growth-oriented boutique asset management firms and strategic service providers, with an approach that allows them to be true partners. Walter Global Asset Management is part of Walter Financial and the Walter Group, a business ecosystem that has been flourishing for more than 60 years.

About LionGuard Capital Management

LionGuard Capital Management is an investment management company with expertise in fundamental bottom-up research and analysis. Founded five years ago, LionGuard manages traditional long-term strategies for small- and mid-cap stocks, with a first quartile track record as compared to industry peers. It also manages alternative strategies with an excellent absolute return profile. LionGuard’s fundamental research expertise is combined with a strong focus on risk management, which is key to its institutional investors, family offices, funds of funds and investment advisers. The Company is managed with a long-term mindset, which translates into leading investment returns, dependable business relationships and leading ethical practices in all dealings. LionGuard is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

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