Samara Multi-Family Office now offering a full range of services by welcoming CEOS Family Office


Samara Multi-family Office (Samara) is partnering with CEOS Family Office (CEOS) to provide the families in business it serves with a full range of services.

Joining forces with this talented team will complement Samara’s existing team and allow to deliver accounting and administrative concierge services, in addition to sophisticated investment, integrated planning and philanthropic services. Samara’s team of over 40 professionals will work independently and cohesively to serve its clients’ interests in all aspects of wealth management.

“This partnership is born out of the desire to continuously improve our ability to serve our clients and ensure the growth and sustainability of their wealth,” explains Michael Grondin, President and CEO of Samara.

“The CEOS team is thrilled to partner with Samara because our philosophy aligns perfectly with their unique ecosystem. Our goal has always been to make our clients’ lives easier, bring them peace of mind and help them live their aspirations,” added Nicolas Yvon, President and Founder of CEOS Family Office.

This transaction is subject to regulatory approval.

About Samara Multi-Family Office

Founded in 2021, Samara is a multifamily office serving approximately 100 high-net-worth families. Samara aims to bring together a community of entrepreneurs and investors in order to provide opportunities and economies of scale offered by a single family office. Samara’s family and professional experience, its expertise in wealth management of over 25 years and its solid professional network give it a strong foundation that allows to provide optimal solutions for its clients.

About CEOS Family Office

CEOS was founded in 2019 by a group of professionals who had been working in wealth management for two decades. The firm brings together experts in asset management, accounting, law, tax, as well as financial and estate planning. Its mission is to handle challenges for entrepreneurs and high-net-worth families in order to make their lives easier.