Walter Global Asset Management is building a network of affiliates by setting up bespoke partnerships with selected, best-in-class independent asset managers. Each of our partners is unique, and so is each of our partnerships.

Our model is that of partnership, not integration. In our platform, each affiliate keeps its brand, culture and operational independence, bringing what it does best to the table – only with stronger resources to help it grow.

Our objective is simple: to become the preferred partner of forward-looking independent boutique asset managers in writing the next chapter of their history.


Our portfolio

Asset managers with a unique focus

We invest in firms that have the capacity to add significant value for their clients through their use of innovative strategies or unconventional business models. Together, we are building more than a network: we are delivering a first-class platform based on sustainable growth.

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Our partnership proposition

In a highly competitive and increasingly regulated industry, our platform brings scalability, economies of size, and support for growth and global distribution to independent boutique asset management firms.

  • Capital for growth initiatives
  • Seed capital for investment strategies
  • Distribution network
  • Human capital management
  • Best-in-class back office, compliance, governance
  • Access to new markets
  • Leveraging of successful management strategies across partners


The partners we seek

Asset management entrepreneurs ready to build a true partnership and leverage a new platform to sustain their growth.


  • Passionate investment professionals with excellent track records
  • Entrepreneurs and industry innovators
  • Ready to build their growth on an evolutive platform


  • A culture of product innovation
  • Strong business fundamentals
  • Unused capacity to sustain growth
  • Ability to manage more AUM with minimal increase in overhead

What drives us

We believe that asset management is an alternative investment class in itself. That’s why our platform will give institutional and private investors new access to selected, best-in-class investments in this asset class, while providing the underlying companies with the capital and means to deliver their very best.

Our funding model

Our platform is dedicated to supporting the growth of leading boutique asset management firms and managers.

To provide new capital, its innovative structure allows institutional and private investors to participate in an open-ended, “evergreen” fund engineered specifically for patient, long-term investors.

The fund consists of a Canadian limited partnership structure open to multiple investors. By leveraging the portfolio companies’ unused capacity to grow their assets under management with minimal increase in their overhead, we’re determined to generate a consistent, superior rate of return for our investors.

In other words, we’re allowing each of our partners to reach a new level of excellence, knowing that our capital is purposed, patient and principled.