Walter Global Asset Management is a globally diversified private equity platform that delivers strategic expertise and development capital to passionate entrepreneurs leading high-potential investment managers, as well as financial services and wealth management firms in the asset management industry.

We offer investors a high-performing portfolio of rigorously selected investments within this specialized and growing industry.

We are creating a collaborative community of experts where our investors, our portfolio partners, and our team of industry veterans act as performance drivers to the benefit of both our portfolio partners and our investors.



We empower each portfolio affiliate to achieve a new level of excellence through a custom approach that is purposeful, patient and principled.

“Walter Global Asset Management’s highly experienced team has been instrumental in spearheading our growth and development on all fronts. Their involvement goes above and beyond providing capital, which is just one part of the equation.”

Andrey Omelchak
President, CEO and Chief Investment Officer
LionGuard Capital Management

“Our alliance with Walter Global Asset Management means we have a first-rate partner who can support us to bridge the Atlantic—something that is all too rare in the field of asset management.”

Guillaume Touze
Managing Partner and CEO
Quadra Capital Partners

“Walter Global Asset Management is an outstanding partner, who will help us to achieve our long term goal of becoming the world’s leading financial risk management firm.”

Kevin Lester
Validus Risk Management


Our core values

  • asset management is not only about money

    It is about people

  • Our capital is patient

    Because growth is a long-term endeavour

  • entrepreneurial independence is key to innovation

    We are engaged and supportive, not controlling

  • best-in-class leads to world-class

    We have the track record to prove it


Why we partner with boutique asset management firms

While asset management firms of any size can have enviable track records, boutique shops often outperform larger firms over the longer term.

Yet many are unable to achieve their full potential due to challenges that include suboptimal distribution capabilities, difficulty accessing growth capital to fund new initiatives, limited business resources and operational inefficiencies.

We believe that these firms, equipped with the capital and business expertise needed to bolster distribution capacity in growth markets, can significantly expand their assets under management with minimal incremental overhead, while maintaining their ability to generate alpha for their clients. This results in higher revenues, profitability, and greater enterprise value, ultimately benefitting investors.

  • Focus
  • Alignment
  • Performance