Walter Global Asset Management is an international private equity platform providing development capital and expertise to growth-oriented boutique asset management leaders and to strategic service providers in the industry.

We’re acting as a true, active business partner for asset management companies with an entrepreneurial mindset, in order to facilitate, accelerate and sustain their growth. We are committed to being a permanent and reliable institutional partner for our portfolio companies and to supporting them in key strategic areas: operational efficiency, human capital development, innovation and distribution.

With the asset management industry being highly fragmented, we believe that its future growth will be based on some sort of consolidation. By investing in a diversity of managers and providing them with capital, increased distribution capacity and an upgraded operational platform, we’re helping them deliver their very best and reach new heights. Together.


Our core principles

  • asset management is not about money

    It’s about people

  • Our capital is patient

    Because growth is a long-term endeavour

  • Operational independence is the key to innovation

    We are engaged, not controlling

  • Best-in-class should lead to world-class

    We have the track record to prove it


Why we partner with boutique asset management firms

Industry metrics show that, while asset management firms have enviable track records regardless of their size, boutique firms that are focused on precise strategies often outperform over the longer term. Because of their approach, they have a capacity to add significant value for clients and consistently outperform the indices.

However, such outperformers may not be able to optimize their growth because of various factors, notably some challenges in terms of new capital, distribution and business resources. We think that by gaining access to capital and business support to increase their distribution in growth markets, these boutique firms will be able to increase their AUM with minimal impact on their overhead.

  • Performance
  • Value
  • Consistency

A business ecosystem

Walter Global Asset Management is part of the Walter Group, a business ecosystem led by the Somers family that represents their interests and values.

Guided by a multigenerational entrepreneurial spirit, the Walter Group has flourished for nearly 70 years. Having started as an industrial company that grew into a leader of its industry, the Group has since evolved into a multifaceted investment firm comprising a team dedicated to public investments, three teams specialized in private equity and a team focusing on new food projects.

At the helm of it all is a team of seasoned operators with strong business acumen and extensive financial insight. This approach empowers the Group to be actively involved in managing its investments, providing a robust and sustainable framework that underpins each of its companies.

Our people

Sylvain <br>Brosseau Sylvain <br>Brosseau
CEO and Founding Partner
Martin <br>Dufresne Martin <br>Dufresne
President and Managing Partner
Julie <br>Lalonde Julie <br>Lalonde
Managing Partner
Guillaume <br>Touze Guillaume <br>Touze
Associate, European Development
Patrick Lorange Patrick Lorange
Patrick Lorange
Director, Investments
Avi <br>Sokolova Avi <br>Sokolova
Director of Operations

Our Board

Daniel <br>Johnson Daniel <br>Johnson
Chairman of the Board
Sylvain <br>Brosseau Sylvain <br>Brosseau
CEO and Founding Partner
Pierre <br>Somers Pierre <br>Somers
Board Member
Isabelle <br>Somers Isabelle <br>Somers
Board Member
François <br>Beaudoin François <br>Beaudoin
Board Member
René <br>Fournier René <br>Fournier
Board Member
Martin <br>Dufresne Martin <br>Dufresne
Board Member