We focus exclusively on the asset management industry and are dedicated to leveraging our extensive expertise to maximize value creation for our investors and affiliates.

The asset management industry offers an exceptional investment opportunity as it is large and fragmented, continues to grow at an attractive pace, and provides strong industry dynamics. It is characterized by substantial recurring revenues, strong scalability, and high margins.

Through our fund, institutional and private investors can access a portfolio of rigorously selected organizations in this profitable and growing industry, and benefit from unique opportunities for value creation and superior investment returns.

Investing with us

We are dedicated to propelling the growth of leading boutique organizations in the asset management industry.

Our innovative structure offers institutional and private investors the opportunity to participate in this growth by providing investment capital through an open-ended, “evergreen” limited partnership fund tailored to long-term investors.

We are committed to generating a consistent, superior rate of return for our investors by helping tap our portfolio partners’ unexploited capacity to grow their assets under management, resulting in increased revenues, profitability and overall enterprise value.


and diversified

We are building a highly performing portfolio of investment managers, financial services and wealth management firms operating within the asset management industry. We select exceptional firms and diversify our portfolio across market channels, geographies, investment strategies and styles, asset classes, capitalization, and growth stage.

We accompany each partner in reaching new levels of excellence through strategic expertise and purposeful capital to accelerate growth and propel profitability.