Walter Global Asset Management is building a network of affiliates through enduring partnerships with high-potential investment managers, financial services and wealth management firms who operate within the asset management industry. Each partner is unique, and so is each of our partnerships.

Our model, based on customized ownership stakes, emphasizes partnership, not integration. Within our platform, each affiliate maintains its brand, culture and entrepreneurial independence, bringing what it does best to the table – only with greater resources to drive its growth.

Our objective is simple: to become the preferred partner to exceptional boutique asset managers in writing the next chapter of their history.


Our proposed partnership

Customized strategic support

We are committed to being a permanent and active partner for entrepreneurial asset management firms and to facilitating, accelerating and sustaining their growth. In addition to providing growth capital, we offer strategic expertise in key areas.

  • Distribution and marketing
  • Business strategy
  • Human capital development
  • Operational excellence

By investing in a diversified portfolio of high-potential firms and providing the capital and guidance necessary to help them achieve ambitious growth initiatives, we help our partners scale to new heights. Together.


Our portfolio

We invest in firms that can sustain investment excellence while adding significant value for their clients via innovative and differentiated strategies or distinctive business models. Our long-term partnerships are built on a shared vision and aligned interests.

Together, we are building more than a network. We are delivering a first-class platform based on sustainable growth.

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The partners we seek

We seek entrepreneurs who are passionate about their mission, have strong track records of generating value for clients, share our desire for investment excellence and our vision of a lasting, prosperous partnership that leverages their capacity to manage additional assets, fuel sustainable revenue growth, and propel profitability.

We look for three key
elements in any
potential partner:

  • Authentic partnerships

    With passionate entrepreneurs who share our vision of long-term collaboration to build high-quality, successful firms

  • Distinctive offering and an innovative mindset

    That can engage investors, unlock potential and accelerate growth

  • Scalability

    Built on excellent track records and platform leveragability through unexploited growth potential